Who are the Wilkinsons?
Let us introduce ourselves. We are Scott and Pattie Wilkinson, a creative duo who live and work together, and embrace the casual comforts of our classic mid-century ranch style home with our dachshund Jens (Jensie), in the Central Valley of California.
Whether you are looking for someone to hire or to inspire your creative spirit, or perhaps you are simply curious about how other couples balance work and life with a focus on their love for design, here is a little peek into our work, our home, and what inspires us.
On what inspires us -
What motivates us as a couple is to create a lifestyle and work balance that is comfortable, yet of good design that inspires us with color, form, and intelligent use of our time and space. Our tendencies are to simplify our daily life at home and find joy in the little pleasures versus a perpetual desire for more.  We have derived inspiration from domesticity and the quiet routine of brainstorming over a glass of wine.

On collaboration -
Our studio is a revolving door of projects and production which allows us to enjoy various stages of collaboration with each other and our clients.  Our communication is open and honest and creative to bring out our best work.  No idea is too big or too small to explore.  We consider ourselves a team with mutual goals in work and in life as a couple.
On evolving our space -
Design is very important to us.  We believe there are aspects of design that transcend time, and we love to marry the vintage and modern.  To us, a space and the objects within it create a dialogue that is ongoing. Some have commented that we live in a "prop house" since it is filled with all the elements needed for enhancing our lifestyle photography with objects from our home that produce a personal and trendy touch.
On mixing work with pleasure -
In our line of work, there tends to be a level of unpredictability.  Most days are a mix of bustling activity including product photography, designing handmade projects for publishers, shooting lifestyle vignettes for social media, plus shooting and editing videos for various clientele.  But there's always time for relaxing in the bubble chair with the rhythmic sound of the fountain in our sun-filled studio, or enjoying a zoom meeting with Jens at our feet.  The weekends afford us the time to explore the foothills of the Sierras, and to relax in our backyard gazebo or hot tub.
On working with us -
Our clients have spanned a range of industries located in our hometown to businesses across the globe.  Whether you're a cosmetic brand, a non-profit community organizer, a book publisher, or a yarn manufacturer looking to connect with our expertise, collaborating with us can result in a long-lasting and successful partnership. We have built relationships with clients that have lasted a couple of decades, and we would love to include you, no matter how big or small your needs might be.
We view our creative expertise as a service, and our motivation is to make your business easier and more successful.  As we all know, time is money.  So, we take the time up-front to clarify your expectations and continue the collaboration with regular check-ins to review progress as we move through the process for each job, resulting in swift deliverables.  Most of all, we enjoy what we do and we want you to be happy when the job is done.
On contacting us -
If you would like to chat further about developing projects with us, please contact us and we will be quick to follow up.

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